Design for a stained glass church window in Halfweg.

So eventhough it was a catholic church i think they wanted something less "loud".......

Design for a coat of arms for IJburg a part of Amsterdam.

The plan was to put a lighthouse on top of a building at the entrance of IJburg which is a manmade island outside of Amsterdam, it was supposed to be a beacon for the residents to give it more of an island/home feel because most people living there move away because they get kids and living in Amsterdam is very expesive.

However the people buying the building thought it looked like the red light district.....

Design for an artwork for a parking at Schiphol airport.

Although the restrictions (yellow and watersports???) sounded horrible i managed to create something lovely,

the illustration comes from a fifties book on diving.

The plan was to make it in yellow neon and the figures would light up as  they came down.

Turns out the Schiphol rules said there can't be a downward motion anywhere on the airport........ 

Design for doors in the new trains for NS the Dutch railroad.

This was the first attempt to use VR, because nowadays everybody is on their phone constantly so we figured it would make people interact again if there's butterflies flying through the train compartment.

And it could be used to provide train information at the same time.

But the people from the NS thought it was to futuristic....

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