Design for 3, 50s buildings again Den Helder.
Buiding 1, the design is based on the previous design.
The window frames will be made into a drawing and the glass behind will be sand blasted.
Finally getting there, window frames are made by the lovely people at Wilwy
The windows will be covered with blown UVglass that will light up at night with blacklight and will resemble the plankton they've got in the sea here.
The blown glass spheres and sand blasted windows are made at the Tetterode glass studio.
On the front there will be 4 squares that will be made from ceramics and customised chimney ornaments.
The glass spheres will soon be glowing softly with the magical light installed by Invent Design.
One side will be covered completely with ceramics and lights.
The ceramics are made by yours truely and Jeanine Verloop at the Norman Trapman studio and glazed at Struktuur 68 and finally stuck the walls by mister Spalink.
Almost done...
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